What Does Success Look Like?
Let me Help you Discover!



Business Consulting

My focus is providing practical and realistic solutions for your business, regardless of your size or experience.

The smallest decisions you make can potentially have large impact on your business and profitability.

Arts and non-profit Consulting

For clients in the arts or non-profit organizations, I’m very aware of the unique challenges you face. I’ve lived them. My experience and education gives me the tools and acumen to help you face those challenges and overcome them to reach your goals.

My Mission is to help clients define what success looks like, and provide guidance on how to achieve it.

I’m a Business Consultant and Professional Musician. The two may seem to be opposite but for me, they aren’t. The skill sets required for each profession work well tandem.

My passion has always been music and the arts. It always will be. I’ve always defined success by my performance on stage. It’s not just how well I feel I performed or the audience reaction, there is much more involved. A successful performance is an outcome of a complex system of processes, just like any business. 

Business and music both require problem solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, team building, passion, and a commitment to excellence all focused to achieve goals and objectives. 

Strategic Planning


Board Development

Grant writing

Fund Development

Membership Drives