I’m a Business Consultant and Professional Musician. The two may seem to be opposite but the skill sets required for each profession work well in tandem.

My passion has always been music, it always will be. I love performing for an appreciative audience. The performance however is just a culmination of a complex system of processes, just like any business.

Business and music both require problem solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, team building, passion, and a commitment to excellence all focused to achieve goals and objectives.

My approach to both business and arts consulting is grounded in finding the best possible solution for my clients, based on their goals, needs, and available resources.

John's Bio

As a professional musician for over 30 years, I’ve performed with Symphony Orchestra, Jazz ensembles, chamber music groups, rock bands, and military bands.

I’ve had the great fortune of playing with several of Canada’s leading orchestras, including the Montreal Symphony, National Arts Centre Orchestra, and Victoria Symphony. I also performed at numerous music festivals like the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival and the Victoria Jazz Festival and the Victoria Ska Festival.

In 2016, I completed an MBA and retired from the Canadian Armed Forces. This new chapter has been very exciting and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me next.



Since retirement from the military I’ve been focused building relationships in the business, government, and arts communities in Victoria and Vancouver. I am active in community and always keep a keen eye on governance in the region because it impacts the business and arts communities. Currently I sit on the Board of Directors for the Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society, and previously was of the Board of the Canadian Federation of Musicians Local 247 in Victoria.

I’m Still an active performer and play with a variety of groups around town including; the Pinnacle Brass Quintet, the Midnights R & B Band, and the Meridiem Wind Ensemble.

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