Business Consulting

Business Services
Grants, Proposals, Coaching, and more


We specialize in providing business services and practical solutions for micro-businesses and start-ups. Our focus is providing practical and realistic solutions for your business, regardless of your size or experience. Even the smallest decisions you make have a large impact on your business and profitability. Often, it’s difficult to know what the right decision is. Our commitment to you is to find practical solutions and advise you in your decision making.

We provide a variety of services


  •      Business Planning
  •      Business Diagnostics
  •      Executive Services
  •      Coaching
  •      Capital funding Applications
    •      Applying for Business Loans
    •      Grant Applications
  •      Creative Problem-Solving Workshops
  •      Writing Services

Why did I get into consulting?

Starting my own consulting company is a natural fit. I’ve always liked solving puzzles and complex problems. For me, every consulting project presents itself as a puzzle. I enjoy the challenge and find reward in helping clients find solutions. 

Business and Arts consulting both appeal to me for different reasons. The uniqueness and variety of clientele from each cohort provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Each provide a creative and stimulating outlet that I thrive on. This marketplace has unique conditions that affect the business and arts community differently. I also believe both these communities could learn from each other. I’m well positioned to provide that link.

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