My goal is to help you get the resources you need to do what you do best, so you can focus on that alone.

- John Ellis




The smallest decisions you make can potentially have large impact on your business and profitability. Often, it’s difficult to know what the right decision is. Our commitment to you is to provide you with the information you need to so that you can take the guesswork out of decision making.

These services include:

  •       Business Plans
  •       Business Diagnostics
  •       Coaching
  •       Raising Capital
  •       Grant Writing
  •       Content Development for Websites
  •       Creative Problem Solving Workshops
  •       Executive Services


I’m one of you! Community Arts Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations are the foundation of any thriving community. I’m fully invested in this community as a father, citizen, entrepreneur, homeowner, and musician. Helping you succeed is self-preservation.


Arts services include:

  •       Strategic Planning
  •       Governance
  •       Board Development
  •       Succession Planning
  •       Grant writing
  •       Fund Development
  •       Membership Drives
  •       Creative Problem-Solving Workshops

Web Content

Web content can be VERY hard to write on your own and will eat up a lot of time and budget so why not put it in the hands of a professional. 

Web Bios

Conducting staff interviews and getting the right story can make your site shine and showcase your staff

Initial Consultation

Up to one hour-Free of Charge Ideal for-Business/Non-Profit/Musician The initial one-hour consultation is free of charge and is designed to discover whether my services can provide your organization value.

Samples of Service Pricing

Executive Services
Large Documents
Business Plans

$1000-12 Hours per month.

$1600-20 Hours per month

Smaller organizations or businesses need the services and skill set of an executive director or CEO but may not be able to hire one full-time.


You decide where you have the greatest need and I will focus on that objective. This can be task focused on issues you’ve identified but haven’t got the time to address. Alternatively, I can aid with administrative tasks that are backlogged and drawing valuable organizational resources away from operational focuses.


There is limited availability for these positions (4). Minimum contract length is 4 months. Addition time charged at $100/hr.

Note-I will not take on clients who are in direct competition with existing clients

Packages start at $2750

Examples of Large Documents:

  •       An in-depth consultation that provides research and analysis of one or more specific issues         within your organization.
  •  Succession Planning
  •       Market Research
  •       Process Audits

Large projects can be a significant drain on organizational resources. Too often, these projects get put on back burner, or are done off “the side” of someone’s desk who is already overburdened with their existing job description. As a result, they never get done, or they take too long to complete.

This is ideally used for a focused examination of a specific issue within your organization or business

These documents typically require a minimum of 30 hours of preparation, research, and writing.

Packages Start at $275

These are created for internal use tailored to meet the needs of your organization or business based on your limited resources.

Typically, these will address issues based on observations and research identified within your organization that need attention and include recommendations based on best practices.

Writing Services


Writing reports or web content can be time consuming and take focus off of day-to-day operations.

Creative Problem-Solving Workshops

Unlock the hidden potential within your organization

Develop Content from course

Artist Management-Pro Bono

Packages start at:

$5000 (Includes Financial Statements, Ratios, and analysis)

$3500 (Excludes Financial Statements, Ratios, and analysis)

This document contains information relevant to your business or organization, the industry you operate in, and the marketplace you compete in. It states who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. It provides an overview of the industry and marketplace. It provides relevant financial information. This information, when combined informs strategies on how achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals. If you are looking for external funding of any kind, you need a business plan.

These documents will typically require a minimum of 60 hours of preparation (with financials included), research, and writing.


  •       Mission Statement
  •       Vision Statement
  •       SWOT Analysis
  •       PEST Analysis
  •       Market Analysis
  •       Development of Key Success Factors
  •       Primary Research
  •       (Financial Statements, Ratios, and analysis)
  •       Goal Development
  •       Strategies to Achieve Goals
  •       Desired Outcomes

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